Enzymatic Toothpaste Chicken Flavored 2.5oz Tube. $3.39
1-800-PetMeds is America’s largest pet pharmacy.

Florida company.

Shampoo One Gallon Snowy-Coat $22.22
Whitens coat without bleaching. Fights yellow discoloration and heightens a coat's natural sparkle without bleaching. Has a special conditioner that builds body, helps stop tangles, leaves a handsome sheen and prevents skin and coat dryness. PH balanced to match the PH of pet's skin and hair. Aloe Vera has been added for it's skin soothing benefits. For dogs and cats. Does not dilute. Ingredients: Sodium laureth sulfate, cocamide diethanolamine, glycol disteearate, aloe vera gel and fragrance.
http://www.allpets.com Size: 1 gal.
Buster Cube Buster Cube $17.95

Load your dogs favorite treats into it, then put it on the floor and watch them go after it. When they roll it just the right way, surprise, treats! It's fun for your dog and you. This is an excellent brain toy. It can also help reduce behavioral problems by giving your dog something fun to do. http://www.sitstay.com

Raw Food for Cats and Dogs Raw Food for Cats and Dogs $72.50

Nature's Variety has done the grinding for you. Made with fresh raw USDA meat and fresh USDA raw ground bone. No cooked bone meal and no need for bone supplements. If you'd like to add even more veggies to your food, use your own good fresh vegetables. Kelp and Alfalfa? It's in there! NO seconds, only good fresh food. http://www.sitstay.com

Funny Doormats Funny Doormats $15.95

These hilarious doormats are made from 100% Olefin Indoor/Outdoor Carpet, bound with stitched edges for long-lasting enjoyment. Mats are 18" x 27" printed with durable, colorfast inks. http://www.sitstay.com

Pets Living with Cancer: A Pet Owner's Resource Pets Living with Cancer: A Pet Owner's Resource $19.95

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, you have many questions and fears about that diagnosis. This book provides practical answers that will help you replace your fears with hope and enhance the quality of life you share with your beloved animal companion. You'll find information on: how to build your pet's cancer fighting team; the different treatment options and which best fit your situation; things to do to keep your pet healthy and strong; how to know when it's time to say goodbye. (Paperback, 142 pages) http://www.sitstay.com

Marineland Penguin Rite-Size Disposable Filter Cartridges - 3/pk Marineland Penguin Rite-Size Disposable Filter Cartridges - 3/pk $5.99

Fits filters 160/300 or 170/330. Designed for Marineland Penguin filters. Contains uniform granule size (6 x 10) Magnum activated carbon. Double thick in front. Unique molded back provides even carbon/water contact. http://www.petnetoutlet.com

Doc Wellfish's Extra-long Extra-strong Algae Scrapers Doc Wellfish's Extra-long Extra-strong Algae Scrapers $6.19

A durable scraper for cleaning aquarium walls with an extra long handle. Scrapes off algae quickly and easily. Made for cleaning glass aquariums. http://www.petnetoutlet.com

Twister Magnetic Cleaner TW-40 Twister Magnetic Cleaner TW-40 $6.89

Magnetic cleaner removes algae from tank walls without putting hands in. A strong magnetic force keeps parts aligned. Can be moved in any direction. http://www.petnetoutlet.com

Ultimate Gravel Vacuum Kit - 25' Ultimate Gravel Vacuum Kit - 25' $26.89

No more carrying pails of water to and from the aquarium. Use vacuum to clean, drain and fill your aquarium directly from the faucet. Kit includes Super Pump, Fish Saver Cleaning Claw, manual valve and 25' of hose. http://www.petnetoutlet.com

Your Pet and Pain Video Your Pet and Pain Video $34.95

Your Pet and Pain, Part One - The Hip and Hind Quarters: You will learn how to deal with some of the most intractable problems faced by animals in this area, including hip dysplasia and arthritis. You'll decrease tightness in the muscles and give your pet a better state of health. (50 min) (50 min) http://www.dogshealth.com

Pet Solutions Rx Pet Solutions Rx $24.95

This is a multi-purpose solution formulated to kill infection-causing bacteria and to aid the body´s natural healing process. This product has been shown to be effective in the treatment of common pet skin ailments such as cuts, scrapes, dermatitis (eczema), hot spots, mange, skin rash or hives, ring rot, galling, lab ear, ear infections, thrush, ringworm and scratches (fungus), and skin conditions that affect animal general health http://www.dogshealth.com

Pet Life Vest Pet Life Vest $39.95

Keep Your Pets Safer In & Around Water With Secure-A-Pet LifevestTM Even dogs and cats that are good swimmers can quickly tire in cold or rough water. Sides of swimming pools, docks, boats and steep riverbanks can prevent pets from getting back up. A must for: the pool, boating, cottages...rafting, hunting, and hiking Secure-A-Pet LifevestTM is designed to: Keep pet’s head above the water Provides protection against hypothermia Gives added flotation for your pet http://www.dogshealth.com

Illuminated Dog Collars Illuminated Dog Collars $24.95

PetLites™-Illuminated Dog Collars Responsible and caring pet owners, are bound to appreciate the extra protection provided for their pets during evening walks and night time runs. Pets accidentally injured by vehicles, motorcycles, skateboards and bicycles can now be minimized or prevented with the new PETLITES™ PETLITES™ Illuminated Dog Collars. PETLITES™ allow the owner and drivers to see your pet from greater distances, therefore assuring additional stopping and swerving time. http://www.dogshealth.com

Prozyme Prozyme $21.90

One of the most popular and effective food supplements available. Prozyme is proven to aid digestion and increase the absorption of vital nutrients. Prozyme is a beneficial for: Allergies, Dry or scaly coat, skin problems, digestive disorders, joint difficulties, immune disorders, excessive shedding, weight problems, bloating, lethargy, hairballs, flatulence, coprophagia, wound healing and more. Prozyme is a powder which is sprinkled on your pet's food. For DOGS and CATS, birds, rabbits, horses and more. http://www.healthypooch.com

Pet Music Pet Music $18.69

Pet Music™ effectively addresses today's most important pet behavior issues. This collection of music is created for your cherished companion. The soothing music will help reduce pets' daily stress and separation anxiety. Research supports the beneficial effects of music on behavior. Pet owners overwhelmingly endorse Pet Music™! 3 CD Box Set Contains Over 3 Hours Of Music http://www.healthypooch.com

Missing Link Supplement Missing Link Supplement $15.95

The Missing Link® is the Original, all-in-one SuperFood Supplement, formulated with only the highest quality, all natural whole foods and food concentrates. Our unique blend of ingredients combines the benefits of naturally-occurring fatty acids for healthy skin and coat and balanced energy levels, fiber for bowel health, and naturally-occurring phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals important to maintain normal digestion and for overall health and well-being. The Missing Link® is also a perfect complement to restricted, low-fat diets. It reintroduces the good fats that are an essential source of energy and that help maintain normal weight. The Missing Link® is formulated with food, not synthetics, eliminating the risk of over-supplementation. The Missing Link® targets the nutritional gap between what nature provides and what's available in commercial foods. Free of filler, preservatives, and artificial colorings or flavorings. Your animal will receive the most benefit from this formula within 3 to 4 weeks http://www.healthypooch.com

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