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BeerMach NV good beer
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laithwaites UK ok wine
800wine ? ok wine
Beveragebistro ? ok wine
The Beer Machine 1105 Terminal Way, Suite 202, Reno NV. 89502
The Beer Machine Company Products have established a new retail category as beer consumers learn how easy and convenient it now is to make their favorite fresh natural beer at home. The Beer Machine has proven its appeal to a very wide consumer demographics. Today's Beer consumers range from the young to the retired -male and female! Our wide range of products are affordable to all. The unique Beer Machine Product line allows you to add to your original machine, try many different flavors of beer for your own consumption or you can bottle them for your friends and family !!! Today more than 2 million North Americans brew and enjoy the taste of fresh naturally made beers in the comfort of their home. The Beer Machine Company offers a product that is just right for the connoisseur and "new to brew" consumer. " A simple brewing system that makes more sense for typical households is The Beer Machine®" S.B. Popular Mechanics "With the explosion of home brewing and the market for premiums beers in America, The Beer Machine® was inevitable.""
BeerMachine: beer machines, brewery, accessories, mixes.
BevMo: 201 Bayshore Blvd San Francisco, CA-94124(US)
BevMo: the largest CA chain of wine and spirits. 32 stores.
BevMo: wine, spirits, beer, cigars, glassware, accessories, specialty food, etc.
Prime Wine Inc. 1502 N 25th Ave Melrose Park IL 60160 USA
Hard to believe that PrimeWines is in it’s 9th year in business and 5th successful year online. Given the ups, downs and crashes we have seen in similar companies, we are thankful and more excited than ever to be thriving today. We realize and appreciate all the choices that you - our customer has for purchasing wines on the Net. It is the repeat business that continues to be the cornerstone of our growth – we want you to keep coming back. We will continue to steadfastly focus all of our energy on providing you with the best experience possible. By combining the unique and hard to find wines in a down to earth atmosphere, we are creating the ultimate wine shopping experience. We are trying to create an experience that offers much more than any fancy nose-in-the-air neon store can offer. If you try us, we hope you'll agree to make us your "store of first choice" - your first destination for finding new wine experiences and sending unique gifts to friends, family and colleagues. Wine selection: Our staff has been selected for their taste level, relationships, and ability to find wines that fit the desires of our customers. Equally important is their ability to describe them in such a way that customers know what the wine will taste like before they actually buy it. With more than four decades (and counting) combined experience in personal wine consulting, our buyers and professional wine consultants are constantly in touch with current tastes. For every wine that appears on our site, on average between 100-200 were tried, but rejected. Finding your individual tastes to maximize quality and value are what we do best. Expect great service: We are committed to providing superior customer service. We have staff available to answer questions 7 days a week. While most queries are resolved immediately during normal business hours – the remaining few receive priority treatment during weekends and on holidays. Convenience: Our site is open, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — we are as close as your computer. And, with our “Dog Drank It Guarantee”, you have 60 days to let us know if any wine was not to your liking. We are always just a phone call away. PrimeWines continues to work with our suppliers to get the best wines at the lowest prices. Through our negotiants, technology and vast pool of resources, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve your wine choices and shopping experience
PrimeWine: BY COLOR: Blush Cognac/Liqueur/ Port/Sherry Red Sparkling / Champage White BY TASTE: Dry Eiswein - Ice Wine Semi-Dry / Semi-Fruity Very Fruity/Sweet BY REGION: Argentina Australia Austria Bulgaria Canada France Germany Hungary Italy Portugal Romania South Africa Spain Uruguay USA WINES BY PRICE: Under $20 $20 - $40 $40 - $100 $100 and above
Lattwaites: 0870 444 8383 or Fax on 0870 444 8182
Lattwaites: Laithwaites prides itself on wines of quality and above all, character. Our expert wine buyers travel constantly and taste tens of thousands of wines each year to pick you the best. Laithwaites has always had an innovative approach to wine. I began in the sixties introducing Britain to the first bottles to come from Bergerac, Duras, Madiran and other 'lost' regions of SW France. In the seventies we pioneered Spanish regional wines, and then wines from behind the iron curtain. We also did our first shipments from Australia and California. In the 80's we were the top importer of wines from Chile, and we were the first to bring over star wine makers from the southern hemisphere to introduce New World energy and excitement to Old World regions... we created 'Flying Winemakers'. Our buyers and I are constantly away, always on the look out for new producers and regions. We love the excitement of the hunt and we do all we can to pass on that feeling to you along with the wines. We also want you to share our delight in the classics from old grower friends ... in many cases we are now working with the grandchildren of the people we began with all those years ago. You'll also see on the site, that we offer a huge range from every day drinking to fine and rare wines - our Fine Wine team is waiting to hear from you if you would like to know more. Laithwaites is confident you'll love our wines. So much so, we GUARANTEE them. So absolutely nothing to lose, come on in, the wine is great.
Lattwaites: Mixed Cases Red Wine White Wine Rosé Wine Champagne & Sparkling Port, Sherry & Fortified Country / Region Grape Variety Price Food Match
Since 1998, 800wine.com has been a premier global network of fine wine merchants and gift and gourmet suppliers. Through this network, we are able to offer solutions both for those wishing to send gifts and those looking to buy for themselves. Through our gift service, we offer the fastest and most cost-efficient global delivery of wine and champagne gifts available today. With retail and delivery partners throughout the United States and several countries around the world, we make it easy for you to send wine, champagne, gift baskets, and other fine gifts to family and friends everywhere. In addition to our classic wine and champagne gifts, we have a great selection of hard-to-find wines, Japanese sake, wine accessories, gift baskets, fine china, and unbeatable prices on Riedel crystal.
We guarantee fine wine and champagne gifts, gift baskets, accessories and quality specialty gifts that the recipient is sure to enjoy. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase at the time of delivery, please contact us by e-mail (customerservice@800wine.com) or call a customer service representative at (415) 398-WINE (9463).
Beverage Bistro: 1-888-380-2337
Beverage Bistro: rare drinks.
Beverage Bistro: Rare Beer Store • Bistro Wine Shop • Zele Cafe Shop • Gift Center
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