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WeightWatchers.com, Inc. Columbus Circle Station PO Box 21053 New York, NY 10023
Weight Watchers International, Inc. is a leading global branded consumer company and the leading provider of weight loss services, operating in 30 countries around the world. For corporate and stock Information, press releases, and public filings for Weight Watchers International, Inc., please visit WeightWatchersInternational.com WeightWatchers.com, Inc. WeightWatchers.com Inc.'s fundamental mission is to bring over 40 years of Weight Watchers success to consumers online, helping them to lose weight safely and effectively and keep it off. At WeightWatchers.com, we accomplish this by combining the proven Weight Watchers weight loss plan with the very best online weight loss tools on the Internet
WeightWatchers: All foods have a POINTSŪ value You are assigned a daily food POINTS Target Get 35 FlexPoints each week to use whenever you need them Why does FlexPoints work? Eat the foods you love and still lose weight Easily handle situations where your food choices are limited Structured, yet flexible and easy to follow Are you ready for Weight Watchers? Safe, sensible and proven way to lose weight Learn to make smart eating decisions
KitBiz.com One Greenview Drive Carlsbad, CA. 92009 Phone: 800/439-0334 Fax: 800/863-3801
KitBiz: We recognize that as our society evolves so does the demands of career, education, family and personal growth. The average age of the first-time bride is now at 27, a dramatic increase in the average age of a bride from just 20 years ago. Our modern bride now enters marriage established in her career, financial foundation, personal and professional contacts, and has an impressive list of personal records that she maintains. We are committed to providing the bride with the most time efficient and cost efficient means to change, hyphenate or add her husband's name. It is our policy that every bride who purchases the kit be fully satisfied with the quality and usability of our product. The Official New Bride Name Change Kit is offered nationally to all States and Territories of the United States. The Official New Bride Name Change Kit is featured in such national publications as Martha Stewart Weddings, Modern Bride, I Do Magazine, Wedding Bells Magazine, and is featured nationally at select bridal shows all across America. The Official New Bride Name Change Kit is offered by, KitBiz, an American Corporation.
KitBiz: With our kit you can change: Social Security/IRS records Drivers License Vehicle Title/Registration Voter Registration US Passport Banking/Financial records Vehicle Lease or Loan Credit Cards Insurance Records Medical Records Employment Records
Lose Weight with Weight Watchers
Bride Name Change Kit
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