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Talkamerica VA good longdist
LowBills CA good bills
TracPhone ? ok cell
iCella CA good cell
GetConnect MA good broker
iConnect NY good cards
TalkTalk UK ok longdist
Iscom NY good business
RingPhone CA good cell
877PhoneCards ? ok cards
FreePhone ? ok broker
Go2call IL good call
a1Wireless ? ok cell
Talk America: 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 250 Reston, VA 20191
Talk America offers a bundle of local and long distance telephone services to residential and small business customers in the United States. We deliver value in the form of savings, simplicity and quality service to our customers. Local phone services include local dial tone, various local calling plans that include free member-to-member calling, and a variety of features such as caller identification, call waiting and three-way calling. Long distance phone services include traditional 1+ long distance, international and calling cards. We have developed proprietary integrated order processing, provisioning, billing, payment, collection, customer service and information systems. These proprietary systems, along with attractive wholesale pricing, enable us to offer savings through competitively priced service plans, high-quality service and simplicity through consolidated billing and responsive customer care. We use the unbundled network element platform of the incumbent local exchange companies network to provide local services and our nationwide network to provide long distance services. Founded in 1989, we began as a provider of long distance phone service to residential and small business customers. By 1997, we completed construction of our own nationwide long distance network. In 2000, we expanded our product set to offer a bundle of local and long distance phone services to residential and small business customer and currently no longer actively market long distance only products. Our vision is to build a large, profitable consumer franchise, delivering value and superior service to our customers in a simple package.
Talk America: No hassles, no runarounds and no leaving you on hold forever - it's all part of our commitment to our customers. That's why Talk America received the 2003 J.D. Power and Associates Award for highest residential local telephone customer satisfaction in the North Central Region. And, Talk America ranked highest among all local telephone services in the nation ranked in the study.
LowerMyBills.com 2120 Colorado Avenue 3rd Floor Santa Monica, CA 90404
LowerMyBills: BBBOnLine member. came up with the idea for LowerMyBills.com after my wife and I bought our first house. I was just plain frustrated trying to find the best offers for everything from insurance to long distance. It was not just frustrating, it was time consuming, and I could never be sure I was getting the best deal. To that end, LowerMyBills.com is a simple and intuitive Web site: you gather information, tailor a service to your needs and sign-up for the plan that is best for you all online. It is the first nationwide site that empowers you to lower all of your monthly bills - from insurance to long distance - all in one place. And it's free to use! Today, we help you save in fourteen different categories of unavoidable monthly bills. In the coming months, we will expand our coverage to 18 different categories. We're looking forward to saving you even more money in the future.
LowerMyBills: long distance, credit cards, insurance, loans, debt relief, internet accesss, cell phone, credit reports.
TracFone® Wireless, Inc.: 1-800-867-7183.
TracFone® Wireless, Inc., is the largest independent nationwide provider of prepaid wireless communications, according to the Yankee Group, a leading analyst firm that specializes in the wireless industry. TracFone Wireless markets the TracFone, an off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go, prepaid wireless service with no annual contracts, credit checks, monthly phone bills, activation fees, security deposits, or age limits. TracFone Wireless is a subsidiary of América Móvil (NYSE: AMX, NASDAQ: AMOV), Latin America's largest mobile phone provider, with over 35 million wireless subscribers in 10 countries.
TracFone® Wireless, Inc.: cell phone, buy phone, buy air, etc.
SunnyCell: Toll Free: (888) 599-CELL markcell.com 285 Kent Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211
SunnyCell: Our return policy is simple. Within 30 days of purchase, you may return any item in its original package for an exchange or refund. Please note that the customer is responsible for all S&H charges incurred for returning any products. Simply ship back your package to: markcell.com 285 Kent Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211
ICella: 2091 Raymer Ave. #C Fullerton CA 92833
ICella: ICella.com - The best place to buy top quality cell phone accessory and wireless accessory at low discounted price. Great selection of cell phone antenna, cell phone battery, cell phone case, cell phone charger, cell phone holder, cell phone holster, phone headset, hands free car kit, prepaid phone card and security system. Get free gift and free shipping with purchasing cellular accessory and cellular phone accessory. We specialize in supplying most complete selection of Ericsson accessory, Nextel accessory, Samsung cell phone accessory, Nokia cellular phone accessory, Motorola v60 accessory and Motorola Talkabout accessory. Some of our best selling cell phone accessories are Motorola Antenna, Nokia 3360 Nokia 3390 accessories, Nokia Flashing Antenna, and Samsung r225 Accessories. We are one stop shopping center for all your cell phone accessory needs.
ICella: Founded in 1995, iCella is an online provider of utility articles for premium wireless accessories. iCella designs, develops and markets high quality accessories including premium hard leather cases, PDA accessories, A/C and D/C adaptors, cigarette lighter adaptors, static free technology for portable hands free headsets, and hands free carkits. iCella enables consumers and wholesalers to purchase and experience satisfaction guaranteed products. All iCella merchandise comes with a 3 year limited manufacturer warrantee. Dedicated to only providing top of the line mobile and wireless technology, iCella strives to only carry the best of the best
TalkTalk: 0870 442 0698
TalkTalk: With talktalkTM there are no codes to dial before calls and no boxes to plug into your phone line. When you are signed up with talktalkTM your calls are carried automatically by The Carphone Warehouse service; you just pick up the phone and dial. talktalkTM uses a service known as “Carrier Pre-Selection” or CPS. This allows us to become the default provider of services on your BT line through reprogramming of the BT exchange. No need to change your number or have a new line installed – the calls made on your BT line will be carried automatically by talktalkTM. Why should I buy my telephone from a company that owns a chain of mobile phone shops rather than a specialist company? The Carphone Warehouse is Europe’s leading independent communications retailer with over 12 years experience of customer service. The company has highly trained people and a sophisticated and growing call centre with proven expertise in customer relationship management. This unique position enables us to extend our service to include talktalkTM, which offers great value to our customers, something that they have come to expect.
Deltathree, Inc. 75 Broad Street New York, NY 10004
Deltathree, Inc.: iConnectHere is the consumer division of deltathree, Inc. deltathree is a leading provider of high-quality, hosted, private-labeled Internet telephony products and services worldwide.
Deltathree, Inc.: services: broadband, calling card, pc-to-phone, accesories: headsets, USB, etc.
GetConnected: 60 Canal Street 2nd Floor Boston, MA 02114
GetConnected: BBBOnLine member. GetConnected offers all of the carriers’ promotions PLUS added discounts for signing up for your new service through our site. Example: If AT&T Wireless and Motorola offer a $50 credit from AT&T Wireless and another $50 credit from Motorola, you could shop GetConnected and get that deal, PLUS an additional $50 rebate for a total savings of $150! Best Prices Available We give you the best deals available anywhere. Get the lowest long distance rates, the least expensive high-speed Internet access or a free satellite receiver with all of the goodies. We drop prices weekly to make sure you get the lowest price on your new wireless phone with a new service plan.
GetConnected: computer networks, long distance, TV, high speed internet, etc.
YesFree: ?
YesFree: broker.
YesFree: phone, books, businesses, surveys, etc
IsCom: Iscom, Inc. One Silicon Alley Plaza 90 William St., Suite 702 New York, NY 10038
IsCom: Founded in August 1997, Iscom Inc. provides consumers and businesses worldwide with advanced communication solutions. Capitalizing on the latest and most advanced communication technologies including voice over IP and integrating the convenience and functionality of the World Wide Web, Iscom offers various services at both the enterprise and consumer levels:
IsCom: Iscom strives endlessly to provide the best service to its customers. For the consumer services, Iscom monitors its servers 24x7 to ensure highest availability of our services and maintains excess capacity on its lines to ensure that your calls get through the first time, every time. With some of the quickest response times to customer service inquiries, Iscom prides itself as being the best service out there. Iscom Inc. has been registered in the CorporationTrust.com e-Commerce Registry. Only companies with outstanding reliablity, security and trust receive such awards. We are proud to be one of the few e-Commerce trusted companies.
Ringingphone P.O. Box 685 Southeastern, PA 19399-0685
Ringingphone: Ringingphone.com is one of the leading providers of cell phone ringtones, graphics and on-demand wireless information services. Founded in 2001, Ringingphone.com offers one of the largest selections of ringtones and graphics, and is widely accepted in the ringtone/graphics community as the easiest to use and most reliable of all United States based sites. Located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, (just outside of Philadelphia) Ringingphone.com has assembled an impressive array of content and technology partners, as well as a team of world class licensing agents and media partners. The result of these combined efforts has been the creation of a world-class cell phone content provider that is adding new members at an astonishing pace. Benefits of using Ringingphone.com It is the Ringingphone.com philosophy that a cell phone is much more than a way to stay connected with friends and family. Cell phones can provide an astounding array of information and service. Ringingphone.com provides one source for cell phone customization needs. From ringtones and graphics to stock quotes and weather forecasts, users stay connected, express their individuality and keep on top of the information that makes lives easier. What to expect from Ringingphone.com You can count on Ringingphone.com to continue as the leader in providing cell phone customization. But this is just the beginning. Our research and development team is working on applications that will allow users to customize cell phone in ways you never thought possible. We look forward to sharing these innovations with all our users as we strive to keep Ringingphone.com the leader in cell phone personalization.
Ringingphone: ringtones, voice, text messages, horoscopes, and weather, etc.
Go2Call.com, Inc. 1603 Orrington Ave. Suite 1190 Evanston, IL 60201
Go2Call.com, Inc: Go2Call is a global leader in delivering high quality, international VoIP calling solutions to service providers in more than 50 countries. All Go2Call products and services are characterized by value, ease-of-use and superior technology. Since inception, Go2Call has carried more than 300 million minutes of international VoIP phone calls.
Go2Call.com, Inc.: Join Go2Call and make high quality, low cost long distance calls from your PC or your Phone. Use our service to easily make calls, track your calling expenses, and earn free calling for referrals.
1-877-PhoneCards: 1-877-746-6322.
1-877-PhoneCards: Call from any country to any country.
1-877-PhoneCards: 1-877-PhoneCards.com has been serving customers on the Internet since 1997. We began as a family business and have grown to become one of the largest online phone card merchants. We believe our growth has been fueled by a simple commitment: to sell reliable phone cards that offer discount rates and deliver the minutes they promise. We back that up with a convenient order process, whether by Web or phone, and friendly customer support. This formula has resulted in our selling more than a million phone cards to tens of thousands of customers. We are particularly proud that customer loyalty, through repeat orders and recommendations to friends, has been an important element of our success. We have been helped, too, by a large network of productive affiliates and a record of innovation. We were one of the first Web sites to offer —instant PIN— phone card delivery by e-mail, and our World Traveler card—which allows you to call back to the United States from more than 130 countries—was a pioneer in the —international origination— market. In addition to our retail trade we offer wholesale discounts on selected cards.
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