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LowCostLending CA ok loan
FullSpectrum CA good mortgage
GoApply ? ok mortgage
CapitalOne CA good auto
CreditandDebt UT good debt
Ameriquest CA good mortgage
Lexington UT great law
CarCredit ? ok car
LowRate ? ok mortgage
NatPayday ? ok pay
RoadLoans CA good road
LoanPage MD good home
LoanApp CA good loan
PayDay ? ? ?
HouseholdA CA good auto
PartnersFirst: 260 Merrimac Street Newburyport, MA 01950 Phone: 978.358.2068 TOLL FREE: 888.88.FIRST (888-883-4778) Fax: (978)358-2190
PartnersFirst: Mission PartnersFirst Mortgage introduces a fresh approach to lending. We specialize in working closely with each and every customer, taking the time to understand the unique goals and requirements of first time home buyers and experienced borrowers alike. Whatever your needs, whatever your credit history, PartnersFirst Mortgage will work tirelessly to get you the loan you want at terms that will make you smile! History In 2001, Mobility Financial, LLC, was founded to satisfy the financial needs of Fortune 500 executives transferring around the world. Shortly thereafter, Mobility Financial became a full service mortgage provider specializing in nationwide home purchase and investment real estate financing. On June 1, 2003, the company started to do business as PartnersFirst Mortgage to reflect its expanded direction and committment to establishing intimate relationships with lenders, businesses and customers. Today PartnersFirst Mortgage works with a nationwide network of leading lenders and offers a competitive array of loan programs throughout much of the United States. PartnersFirst Mortgage is licensed to conduct business in the following states: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia. PartnersFirst Mortgage is authorized to conduct business in the following states: Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, and Wyoming
Full Spectrum Lending, Inc. 35 N. Lake Avenue, 3rd Floor Pasadena, CA 91101 We have branches located nationwide. To find the branch nearest you in seconds, use our easy online branch finder.
Full Spectrum Lending, Inc. We have branches located nationwide. To find the branch nearest you in seconds, use our easy online branch finder. We offer a variety of home loan programs, including cash-out refinancing* that allows qualified borrowers to obtain cash from their home's equity for any purpose such as buying a car, medical expenses, vacations, remodeling, or anything they wish! Can I refinance without owning property? To obtain a refinance mortgage loan, you must own property to secure a loan.
Full Spectrum Lending, Inc.: What types of loan programs does Full Spectrum Lending Offer? We offer a variety of home loan programs, including cash-out refinancing* that allows qualified borrowers to obtain cash from their home's equity for any purpose such as buying a car, medical expenses, vacations, remodeling, or anything they wish! Can I refinance without owning property? To obtain a refinance mortgage loan, you must own property to secure a loan. Is my personal information secure? At Full Spectrum Lending we maintain stringent security standards to ensure that your private data remains safe. We use advanced data encryption and storage technology to protect your sensitive personal information, and we are proud members of recognized online privacy and security organizations such as TruSecure® Corporation, and VeriSign™, Inc. What's Full Spectrum Lending's affiliation to Countrywide? Full Spectrum Lending is a subsidiary of Countrywide Financial Corporation and an affiliate of Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. Full Spectrum Lending specializes in offering loan products to borrowers with less than perfect credit, or who may have been turned down or otherwise do not qualify for traditional loans.
GoApply: Email: info@GoApply.com Phone: 800.592.7436
GoApply: GoApply's goal is to provide, personalized service with the fastest loan process at the lowest cost to you. GoApply is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer full-service mortgage loans, providing fast, efficient service. Because our customers are important to us, we focus on excellent customer service by email or on or website. GoApply gives our customers the opportunity to work with the most experienced loan agents and lenders in the industry. Because we know how important it is for our customers to obtain a loan FAST, most of our Accredited Brokers and Lenders have streamlined the process with "desktop underwriting". This allows them to complete the process with minimum overhead, thus passing the cost savings on to our customers. Browse our site and view our many product & service offerings. Try one of our loan calculators to see how much MONEY you can save. Isn't it time to give GoApply a try? Fill out our free and easy online application form and receive up to three offers within 24 hours.
GoApply: Apply Online Glossary Mortgage Checklist Calculators Calculate Borrow Amount Calculate Loan Payment Refinancing Cost Rates Rate Trend Index Mortgage Rates Averages Home Equity Rates News FAQ’s Mortgage Basics Home Equity Basics Credit Basics Credit Report Appraisal Insurance
LowCostLending: 888-449-9744 customerservice@lowcostlending.com CA Dept of Real Estate - Real Estate Broker License ID: 01307212 Phone: 888-449-9744
LowCostLending: Fill out our Online Request form.We will search our database of loan programs to fit your borrowing needs. There are hundreds of lenders and thousands of loan programs available. 2. Your request will be forwarded to multiple lenders in your area. 3. Within a few days you will receive a FREE, NO OBLIGATION evaluation. You choose the lender with the best loan terms and save money!
LowCostLending: We DO NOT request personal information such as date of birth or drivers license number. All forms are available on a secure server for your protection.
Capital One Auto Finance 401 West A St #1000 San Diego, CA 92101
BBBOnlIne member, VersiSign Secure Site. Capital One Auto Finance is America's largest online originator and servicer of Blank Check® vehicle loans. Capital One Financial Corporation is one of the world's top issuers of MasterCard and Visa credit cards. In addition to being a credit card company, Capital One is a full-service resource for people seeking a variety of consumer lending products, including vehicle loans. Capital One Auto Finance, America's largest online vehicle lender, provides vehicle loans to customers directly via the Internet, as well as through dealerships nationwide. Our hassle-free online process Using innovative technology, Capital One provides vehicle financing solutions to customers of various credit backgrounds. Applying online is safe and easy, and it takes just minutes to get a response. Once approved, qualified customers receive a no-obligation Blank Check®, which works like a personal check and can be used to buy a new or used car or motorcycle, refinance or even buy out a lease.
Capital One has helped hundreds of thousands of people experience how easy vehicle financing can be. In fact, Capital One ensures customer satisfaction with a $100 Loan Experience Guarantee*. That's how committed Capital One is to delivering an unsurpassed level of service to its customers. In October 2001, Capital One Financial Corporation acquired PeopleFirst.com. Founded in 1995 and based in San Diego, California, PeopleFirst changed its name to Capital One Auto Finance in June 2003. Loans made or arranged for California borrowers are pursuant to a Department of Corporations California Finance Lenders License.
CreditAndDebt: 140 w. 2100 s. #138 Salt Lake City, UT 84115
CreditAndDebt: Located in the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, CreditAndDebt.com was formed in 1998 by a group of business people who had worked in the areas of credit and debt extensively. Experience ranged from working directly with the credit bureaus on credit restoration to contacting creditors to lower monthly payments and beginning the process of financial recovery. We have pooled together an intimate knowledge of the industry from an inside-out perspective and have researched and selected companies that we feel best benefit the consumer. We'd like to become your ultimate resource for credit and debt solutions. So please, let us know if the companies we have selected do not perform to your expectations. We'd like to perform at a level you'd expect from an expert financial assistance site.
CreditandDebt: mortgage, foreclosure, credit repair, credit card, credit report, insurance
Ameriquest Mortgage Company P.O. Box 11000 Santa Ana, CA 92711-1000
You've already shown you know what it takes to succeed. Hard work. Sacrifice. And dedication. Which has in turn, allowed you to buy a house - and make it your home. At Ameriquest Mortgage Company, we respect that achievement. And we also understand that there are times when even the most responsible people can use a little help. That's why we're here. While other lenders may have turned you down for one reason or another, we'll work hard to get you the money you need. Our loans are easier to qualify for, and our rates are competitive. You can be prequalified in 24 hours. And we can close your loan in days, not months. Maybe you haven't heard of us. But we've been around for over 20 years. We're a national company with a down-to-earth neighborly attitude. Our sole focus on helping homeowners has made us one of the country's leading lenders. We were founded in 1980 as Long Beach Savings and Loan. In 1997, we changed our name to Ameriquest Mortgage Company. We've originated and serviced billions of dollars in mortgage loans and are approved as a seller/servicer of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We are also a nonsupervised mortgagee of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Ameriquest currently maintains over 200 local offices throughout the country.† We maintain a full staff of highly qualified individuals with years of experience in the mortgage lending industry, and we're here to help you! The phrase "Do the Right Thing" is our fundamental philosophy and guiding principle. It's a meaningful phrase at Ameriquest because it sums up our most important corporate values. We try to incorporate it into everything we do and it's especially important when it comes to qualifying a loan. When we do the right thing, we help our customers and the people in our communities. At Ameriquest, we never forget that our customers deserve respect, fairness, and honesty.
Ameriquest: LOANS About Our Loans Request a Loan Request a Loan On-line The Loan Process Application Checklist Mortgage Dictionary Loan Calculators Find Your Local Branch LOAN CALCULATORS Our Calculators Payment Calculator Debt Consolidation Calculator CONSUMER SMARTS Consumer Smarts Mortgage Dictionary Helpful Links CURRENT CUSTOMERS Contact Information Payment Methods Payoff Information Customer FAQ Billing Statements Escrow/Impound Accounts Property Taxes Insurance Miscellaneous Your Loan Info
Global Home Loans & Finance 350 Motor Parkway, Suite 210 Hauppauge, New York 11788 Phone: 1-877-299-0535 Fax: 1-877-536-3481
DirectLoanSource: Perhaps you have poor credit problems. You’ve let bills pile up... there’s a bankruptcy in your past... you’ve been delinquent on one or two mortgage payments. If you have less-than-perfect credit, we can put debt consolidation, home improvements, a new home, or even a family vacation within your reach - fast! We understand that you’re only human. Your intentions are good, but sometimes finances can get out of hand. It happens to many of us. That’s why DirectLoanSource.com is here to help you.
DirectLoanSource: purchase, home equity loans, debt cotrol, refinance, poor credit.
Lexington Law Firm PO Box 510290 Salt Lake City, UT 84151 Tel: 888.596.4997 quickanswers@lexingtonlaw.com
Lexington: BBB member. In 1991 several lawyers and credit experts came together in Salt Lake City to evaluate the credit repair industry, an area in dire need of progress at the time. After a number of intense discussions the group unanimously concluded that repairing credit reports would be performed far more effectively by an attorney. Lexington Law Firm vowed to lead the way and defined itself by creating a fusion of strict regulatory compliance with innovative solutions for repairing credit reports. Initially working out of a basement office Lexington soon grew into a firm that would occupy several floors of a downtown building. When the Internet boomed Lexington was the first to establish a comprehensive credit resource online. Rather than rely on high-pressure sales tactics so wildly popular among credit repair companies, Lexington pursued a strategy built on the fundamental belief that consumers should be given ample information about the process and be encouraged to make informed decisions on their own. Lexington was right. As demand for credit information surged, so did demand for its service. The Firm hired new attorneys and expanded its staff in order to meet the growing popularity of its program. More than a decade later Lexington is still reshaping the industry it founded through innovative credit report repair solutions and exemplary customer service. Lexington attributes its success to cultural ethics and guidelines which every team member is asked to observe. First, remain innovative. Every employee and staff member is encouraged to test new methods and ideas, even if these ultimately fail. By aggressively pursuing creative solutions Lexington is able to stay one step ahead. Second, the workplace is an arena for personal growth. At Lexington everyone including a client's supervising attorney and advocate has attended seminars focusing on self-improvement. Individuals are expected to carry the values and experiences from these seminars back into the workplace. Finally, provide oustanding customer service. While Lexington's quality and scope of customer service remains unrivaled in the industry, the Firm continues to develop new ways for improving its service based directly on client and visitor feedback.
Lexington is a law firm specializing in repairing credit reports. We have helped over 80,000 Americans repair their credit reports by removing inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable information. From bankruptcies to charge-offs to tax liens, we have challenged virtually every credit problem under the sun — and deleted over 600,000 such items to date. We’re good at what we do because we believe in our work, because we enjoy what we do and we're committed to our clients. And that means we can get you results you can count on, results that can literally turn your life around. Our service is engineered from the ground up with credit report repair in mind. As a client you will find that we leverage our entire arsenal of credit experience and powerful strategies on your behalf. No-compromise credit report repair is what we offer. The results are nothing short of amazing. But don’t just take our word for it — take a look at our statistics. We feel they speak for themselves.
CarCredit: ?
CarCredit: Car Loans can be obtained through CarCredit.com's car dealerships and our affiliated loan network. Bad credit because of bankruptcy is not a problem with us, because we put peoplefirst, and our car loan specialists have experience in arranging financing with problems like these. CarCredit.com helps you We have the car you want and the credit you deserve. Our car loan application is easy, free and with no obligation. We deal with both new and used car loans, our financing specialists are waiting to help you. We have helped thousands of people get the car loan they want. Don’t let your past history of bad credit stop you from getting your car loan today.
CarCredit:Feel free to take advantage of our many helpful resources. We offer a car loan calculator to help you determine your monthly payments, a glossary of terms to clarify the loaning process. We also offer a wide range of descriptions including identity theft, credit reports, and different kinds of bankruptcies if you find yourself in that unfortunate position. We break down the Fair Credit Reporting Act into simpler terms, and understanding the way credit works and what control you have over your rating. Feel free to use our services and let anyone else know about them
Lowratesource: ?
Lowratesource: We are the leading mortgage advisory site for people with less than perfect credit. We will help you find the RIGHT lending partner - with no obligation and no application fees. Members of our nationwide lending network are some of the most trusted names in financial services and will help you get the YES! that you deserve. We are also a great source for financial information on debt consolidation, auto loans, and credit applications.
Lowratesource: consolidate your debt, mortgage, get extra cash.
National Pay Day: support@nationalpayday.com
National Pay Day: Once approved the money is electronically deposited into your checking account the next business day. When you come due, you can either pay the full amount, or any amount equal to or greater than your minimum payment. All payments are made on-line and are automatically withdrawn from your account as you make your payments. There is no need for you to ever leave the privacy of your home or office. FAQ: How much can I borrow? You can borrow from $100 to $300 the 1st time, and $500 in the future. (As long as you qualify) FAQ: How much does a loan cost me? The fee for advancing a check is 25% of the amount borrowed, so for $100.00 the fee is $25.00 or $125.00 total. FAQ: How long does it take for me to get the money? It only takes one business day and the money will be directly deposited into your account. (If approved). We do not operate on weekends and national holidays. FAQ: What do I need to get a loan? All you need is a checking account open for at least 3 months, and have no bounced checks (within the last 2 months), a steady job making at least $1000 a month, and not have a payday loan with another lender.
National Pay Day: FAQ: How long is the loan for? This is a payday advance therefore your due date is based on your next payday (Up to 18 days). If you get paid twice a month you will be due your very next payday. If that date is less than 4 days away we will use your next payday up to 18 days total. FAQ: How long should I have the loan for? These are short term loans designed to help you with an urgent situation. They should be paid back rapidly, and not used for an extended period of time. FAQ: How much will be withdrawn? The full amount will be withdrawn unless you choose to make a payment. ex. If the loan is $100.00, $125.00 will be withdrawn unless you want to make a payment, in which case $25.00 will be withdrawn. FAQ: Will I be approved? Most people are approved unless you have bounced checks or are not currently employed. FAQ: Can I make a Payment on my Loan? If you are paid once a month you will be required to pay in full on the date due. However, if you are paid more than once a month, we do offer a payment option. FAQ: When can I make a Payment on my Loan? When is my Payment Request Due? You may make a payment at anytime before your payment request deadline (which is 2:00 PM EST the business day before you are due.) No matter how early you submit the payment request, the payment will never post until your due date. FAQ: How do I make a Payment on my Loan? It’s easy. Just visit our website and click on “Pay on Current Loan” at the top of the page. From there, log in, using your social security number and password that you set up on the original application. Once you log in, you will see your account information at the top of the screen, including your name, principle amount, total amount due, your minimum payment required, and your fee rate (which will be either 0% or 25%). The only fields that you fill in are for the amount you would like to pay (the system will not allow you to submit less than the minimum payment), your next two paydays (after your current due date) using the calendar, and the check number you’d like us to use. The rest of the fields will be filled in automatically.
Refinance: NY
Refinance.com is an internet Division of BLS Funding. Refinance.com is a website of BLS Funding. When you apply for a loan through this website, the actual paperwork and loan will be from BLS Funding. BLS began operations on January 26, 1995 as a Registered Mortgage Broker in New York State concentrating in direct response retail loan originations. Quickly, BLS emerged as a leader in the state by developing a strong reputation as a volume retail broker. As a volume mortgage broker we are able to offer favorable interest rates and unique loan programs which we can pass along to our clients.
Refinance: Our Corporate Headquarters are located in Jericho, New York. We are licensed in 30+ states and have offices in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Arizona and Florida. Our mortgage consultants are instructed to educate the consumer, give examples, provide options, answer questions and offer advice. We feel that an educated client will be interactive throughout the mortgage process and will ultimately be pleased with their choice of mortgage product and mortgage company. With over 200 loan specialists, BLS is a full service mortgage company originating approximately $1.5 Billion in mortgage loans annually. This volume allows us to operate with the pricing leverage of a mortgage banker but maintain the program guideline flexibility afforded to us as mortgage brokers. We are not limited to the loan parameters and pricing guidelines of a particular lender, which effectively means an overall better deal for our borrowers. I am confident that your experience with BLS will be educational and rewarding. We look forward assisting you in all your mortgage needs.
Road Loans: 7711 Center Ave, Suite #100, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Road Loans: Based in North Richland Hills, Texas, RoadLoans is the Internet direct-lending division of Triad Financial Corporation, a nationwide lender providing innovative auto finance products and distinctive Customer Care to consumers. We specialize in financing and servicing new and used vehicle loans for customers with less than perfect credit. As part of a strong, stable financial institution with a 12-year track record, over 1400 employees and $3 billion in auto loan receivables, RoadLoans is backed by strengths you may not typically associate with a "dot.com" company.
Road Loans: Products, programs and loan application status...Financing for new or used vehicles purchased from a franchised dealer. Loans to refinance your current auto loan. Online Loan Application. Online Account Access Center - 24/7 access, password-protected security login. Online Customer Care (FAQ, email, and live chat). Online Flash Demo - Interactive overview of the RoadLoans auto finance process. Member Benefit Program - Online discounts extended to customers through alliances with Internet business partners. Our Story RoadLoans was launched in June 2000 to help empower and educate consumers through the car-buying process. We specialize in financing and servicing new and used vehicle loans for customers with less than perfect credit. To date, RoadLoans has helped thousands of consumers get into the car or truck of their dreams. RoadLoans can guide you through the intricate process of automotive credit, and help get you up to speed about the benefits of securing a direct auto loan. At RoadLoans, everything we do is focused on creating enduring customer relationships. That's what we do best. At RoadLoans, we walk our talk because, after all, our company is our product.
The Loan Page: support@theloanpage.com GoldNet Internet Solutions, Inc. 1030 Hull Street Suite 300, The Cascade Building Baltimore, MD 21230 support@theloanpage.com
The Loan Page: At TheLoanPage.Com, we understand the hassles and frustrations involved with shopping for mortgages. Staffed with experienced mortgage, internet, and marketing professionals, we have combined our knowledge and expertise in providing the most convenient service to consumers in the search for competitive mortgage rates and excellent service. Researching the market for many years, we have found those companies who have proven reliability, commitment, dedication, and quality on a consistent basis. Never before has a network of lenders been more eager to find the loan package best suited for each clients' special circumstance. We encourage you to take the five minutes needed to fill out the pre-application for your state. With no fees, commitments, memberships or obligations, TheLoanPage.com is a risk free service.
The Loan Page: Second Mortgages Home Improvement Debt Consolidation Paying for College Refinancing Purchases Mortgage Reduction Program
Myers Internet Inc. 2160 Lundy Ave Ste. 128 San Jose, CA 95131-1851
LoanApp: BBB member Complete a secure online form Your loan request is sent to a maximum of 4 lenders Lenders will contact you directly with their offers Chose the best offer. Save time and money!
LoanApp: Refinance Mortgage Purchase Mortgage Home Equity Loans Debt Consolidation Auto & Motorcycle Refinance Auto Personal Loans Student Loans Credit Reports Home Value Report Bi-Weekly Mortgage Find a Mover Insurance Calculators Newsletter Market Update Reference Desk
PayDayCity: ?
PayDayCity: ?
PayDayCity: ?
HouseholdAuto: HAF PO BOX 17904 San Diego, CA. 92177-7904
Household is proud to offer auto loans at householdauto.com. Borrow from Household and you'll receive more than just a loan. You'll benefit from years of experience, a convenient application process and an unwavering commitment to customer service and support. Experience Household Auto Finance is part of a family of companies that has been serving the credit needs of American consumers for 125 years. We have the experience, size and strength to help you access the money you need. Convenience One simple auto loan application. Most people know if they are approved within 60 seconds Service Support over the life of your loan. From the moment you apply to the day you make your last payment; Household is there for you. Household auto loans are made by Household Automotive Credit Corporation in San Diego, California.
HouseholdAuto: Apply for Credit Get Auto Insurance Get Credit Report Get Vehicle Price Get Vehicle History Get Extended Warranty Find a Car or Dealer Read Testimonials

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MyPayDay ? ok pay
DollarAdv ? ok pay
Shearson CA good mortgage
CreditProvider CA good cards
Fastfunds DE good pay
GuaranteedLoan ? ok loans
RetiredMilitary CA good military
FederalMoney NV good federal
DriverLoans NY good driver
IPayDay ? ok pay
MoneyS CA good card
MyPayDay: ?
MyPayDay: Complete and submit a payday advance loan application Fax the required information Receive quick loan approval of up to $500 by email Cash is wired directly to your account the next business day*
MyPayDay: Welcome to Mypaydayloan.com! the #1 payday advance loans service First time customers can receive a payday advance loan of up to $300 Previously approved customers can receive payday advance loans of up to $500
DollarAdvance: ?
DollarAdvance: We provide short term cash advance payday loans when you need them most. Approval takes only minutes and funds will be available the very next day. We cash personal checks and hold 'em! Even if you have bad, slow, or no credit, we can put cash in your checking account today.
DollarAdvance: To receive a payday advance you need to meet these simple requirements: You must have a net income (take home pay) of at least $200 per week. Along With this document you must send us the following information. A completed Online Application or Customer Information Sheet A completed Requirements Sheet A completed Loan Agreement A copy of your signed personal check made out to peoplespayday.com for $250.00. DO NOT VOID IT! A copy of one form photo of identification (Driver's License or State Issued Photo ID) A copy of your last paycheck stub A copy of your most recent bank statement (this statement must be dated within 30 days of the day you apply) Proof of residency (utility bill, mortgage document, lease agreement). The document must include your name, physical address, and be dated within one month of the day you apply. All forms must be signed If we do not receive the above information with your application your loan will not be processed!
Shearson Mortgage 1038 N. Maclay Ave., Ste #1 San Fernando, CA 91340
Shearson Mortgage: BBB member, Alaska Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development 290641 California California Department of Real Estate 1182025/CFL #603-8715 Colorado Colorado Secretary of State, Business Division 20021189061 Connecticut State of Connecticut Department of Banking 12063 Florida Correspondent Mortgage Lender License 314909 Georgia Georgia Department of Banking and Finance 17553 Idaho Idaho Department of Finance 3685 Illinois Department of Business Services 19045 Indiana Department of Financial Institutions 8961 Iowa State of Iowa Division of Banking MBK-2002-0096 Kansas Kansas Consumer and Mortgage Lending Division 2002-4369 Kentucky Commonwealth of Kentucky Secretary of State DN2002147646 Maine Department of Professional & Financial Regulations SLM5848 Massachusetts Division of Banks and Loan Agencies ML2333 Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services FL3107/ SR1302 Minnesota Department of Commerce MO20342897 Missouri Division of Finance F00511113 Montana Department of Administration 675 Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance HUD Exempt Nevada Financial Institutions Division Exempt New Hampshire Office of the Bank Commissioner 9074-MBB New Mexico Regulation and Licencing Department 1438 North Dakota Money Broker License MB100829 Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit 2002-171 Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities ML-2654 South Carolina Office of the Secretary of State HUD Exempt South Dakota Division of Banking Certificate of License #4498 Utah Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate MR00071077 Vermont Commissioner of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration 0330 MB / 5243 Virginia State Corporation Commission Bureau of Financial Institutions MLB-830 Washington Department of Financial Institutions 510-MB-23634 West Virginia Mortgage Lender's License / Mortgage Broker's License ML-20954/ MB-20958 Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions 1555 Wyoming Division of Banking Uniform Consumer Credit Code SL-1837
Shearson Mortgage Loan Info Rate Sheet Loan Guidelines Loan Programs Intelligence Rate Alert Daily Market Update FAQ & Glossary
Creditprovider: CreditProvider.com Inc. 6017 Bristol Parkway Culver City, CA 90230
Creditprovider: Did you know that a high interest auto loan could be refinanced even if you have credit problems? Our Auto Refinancing Program is so successful because it makes perfect sense. Everyone wants to save money and auto refinancing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to do that. Millions of Americans are paying too much for their auto loans because of past credit problems. Here is what MSNBC had to say about the benefits of auto refinancing. "With more and more Americans looking for ways to save money, many experts say that auto refinancing is a new trend that's here to stay." MSNBC Oct. 18, 2002
Creditprovider: Credit Cards We offer a wide selection of credit cards to help you establish or rebuild your good credit. • Auto Loans and Auto Refinancing Do you LOVE your car, but HATE your high interest car payments? Refinance your auto, truck or SUV loan and lower your monthly payments. You could save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. It's easy to APPLY and it costs nothing. • Home Loans Home Refinancing and Debt Consolidation Interest rates are at their lowest point in years. Take advantage of the low rates to refinance your mortgage and save money. Have credit problems? Don't worry, we specialize in helping people with bad credit. • Credit Reports Get a copy of your free credit report today. • Credit Repair Credit repair that really works. Negative items can be removed from your credit report to boost your overall credit score.
Fastfundsnow: Delaware Fast Funds P.O. Box 165 Wilmington, DE 19899 877-909-8300 phone 302-888-2287 fax customercare@delawarefastcash
Fastfundsnow: Must have direct deposit of payroll or government funds into checking or savings account. Checking or savings account must be in good standing. No more than one other loan with another payday loan company.
Fastfundsnow: Active checking or savings account at least three (3) months old. No starter checks. At your current job for at least three (3) months. Net after-tax pay of at least $1000 per month or $600 per month if you receive government funds. Direct deposit for at least three (3) months into the same account. Must be able to receive calls at work. Must have access to a fax machine. Must not be a temporary employee.
Guaranteedloans: ?
Guaranteedloans: Plain and simple: Online Applications - In most cases 24 hour approval - Pre Qualify on Mortgages Bad Credit? We have the best lender for your situation. Groundbreaking! Here you can post your request for a loan and get offers from individuals, not companies. Credit is not an issue. From $100 to $500,000. Personal loans, education, debt consolidation, medical bills, anything!
Guaranteedloans: Nationwide Services USA Personal Loans (world wide) Credit Cards - VISA Free Credit Report Refinance Loan Mortgage Loan Auto Loan Boat Loans Home Equity Loan Credit Repair Service Debt Consolidation Plan Work From Your Home Bankruptcy Option Insurance: Click Here Versión en Español Canadians Click Here
RetiredMilitary: Retired Military Financial Services 12304 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 107 Los Angeles, Ca. 90025
RetiredMilitary: Our Program is the oldest and largest funding source specifically for U.S. Military pensioners. The only fully funded program which exchanges future pension payments for immediate cash now! This Program is NOT A LOAN. Use your funds the way you want, to invest, buy a house, car, boat, eliminate debt, divorce settlements. All retired U.S. Military personnel receiving regular pensions, VSI pensions, or VA pensions are eligible.
RetiredMilitary: How long does the process take? Two weeks could pass to close some transactions. Because other transactions include the purchase of new life insurance, the time for funding could extend to five to six weeks. Do I need perfect credit to qualify? No. Perfect credit is not required, good credit is. Do I need to own a home to qualify? No. Home ownership is not required. In fact, stable renters are often strong qualifiers.
Federalmoney: DI Magic Technologies Corporation 4185 S. Paradise Road #1205 Las Vegas, NV 89109-7655
Federalmoney: "When it comes to looking for government grant money, you don't need an expensive consultant, you need a database software program called the Federal Money Retriever... It's unusual to find a product that the experts agree is the best of the best."
Federalmoney: FMR's Pre-Application Wizard™ offers a quick and easy way to prepare and print professionally formatted pre-application inquiries. The completed pre-application inquiry includes: 1. Application Kit Request Letter 2. Pre-Application Infosheet A well prepared and clearly presented first communication saves time to both applicant and federal officer. What's more, it gives the applicant a clear advantage: the all important good first impression!
Driverloans: DriverLoans.com a division of Modern Consumer LLC 111 East 14th Street #104 New York, NY 10003 phone: 212-387-9616 toll-free: 866-387-9616 fax: 212-214-0561
Driverloans: DriverLoans.com can help people accross the country that are looking for an auto loan, or help with auto financing. We have a nationwide network consisting of thousands of auto dealerships that we can connect you with. Our service is 100% free with no obligation whatsoever. Let DriverLoans.com help put you in the driver's seat today!
Driverloans: DriverLoans.com works with thousands of auto dealerships nationwide, and we probably have relationships with some near you! Simply enter your 5-digit zipcode to perform a search of our database
Internetpayday: ?
Internetpayday: Do you make at least $200 take home pay a week? Do you have an open and active checking account? Are you a US resident? I do not have 4 or more NSFs on my most recent bank statement.
Internetpayday: Do you make at least $200 take home pay a week? Do you have an open and active checking account? Are you a US resident? I do not have 4 or more NSFs on my most recent bank statement.
Moneysearch: Venture Click 6760 Top Gun St #110 San Diego, CA 92121
Moneysearch: And we're commited to helping you find a wide assortment of lenders and brokers. Our purpose is simple... to provide you with a simple way to find a local lender and view updated rate comparison surveys from hundreds of lenders and brokers nationwide. BBB member
Moneysearch: auto loans, home loans, personal loans, commercial loans, debt consolidation, credit card