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LegalZoom.com, Inc. 7083 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 180 Los Angeles, CA 90028
LegalZoom was founded by experienced attorneys who have worked at some of the most prestigious law firms in the country. We have converted our experience to simplify the most common legal processes . . . for you. Through our years of practicing law, we know that many common legal procedures do not require an attorney's expertise to perform. Thus, we created LegalZoom to help you simply and quickly take care of some of the most common legal procedures. Our forms and questionnaires were developed by some of the most respected attorneys in the world, so you can be sure that our information and services are efficient and dependable. Experience you can trust Easy and convenient Exceptional Customer Service Lawyer-free pricing Private and secure 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Experience you can trust LegalZoom was developed by expert attorneys with experience at the most prestigious law firms in the country. We’ve helped over 20,000 satisfied customers, and our know-how allows us to prepare legal documents quickly and efficiently. Our documents contain advanced provisions that are not found in simple “do-it-yourself” kits or manuals. That’s why LegalZoom is the #1 online legal document service. BBB member.
LegalZoom: copyrights, corporation, divorce, living trust, wills, name change, power of attorney, trademarks, US citizeships, etc.
LegalMatch: ?
The LegalMatch Answer LegalMatch is a web-based forum through which individuals and small businesses can make educated decisions when choosing a lawyer. It empowers consumers to locate and thoroughly review experience, availability, and price of every pre-screened lawyer before deciding whom to contact. There is no obligation to hire an attorney, and the service is entirely free.
LegalMatch is FREE. Both consumers and businesses can use LegalMatch for FREE to find the right lawyer for their case. There are no hidden costs, fees, or other charges. Even after you find a lawyer using LegalMatch, there is no obligation to hire that lawyer. LegalMatch provides you with a choice of knowledgeable, competent lawyers for FREE. You can then decide to hire a lawyer, or hire no one. For matters that need extra attention or require a quicker response time, you have the option to upgrade your case to two levels of Priority Service for a nominal fee. You select which level of service your case needs (Standard-Free, Priority, or Real-time) at the end of the case posting process.
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