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Power-Glide ATTN: Live the Adventure 1682 W. 820 N. Provo, UT 84601
Power-Glide International, Inc. is a Provo, Utah based company that is the leader in foreign language training materials for independent learners and schools. Power-Glide is also a fully accredited foreign language school serving the "foreign language for credit" market. This market includes public, private, and charter schools, homeschool, third-party training companies (private labeled), corporations and individuals. Our products offer a "whole family" solution and are specifically designed to fit children Pre-K through grade 12 and adults.
Power-Glide: Being an accredited foreign language company/school through the Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities makes Power-Glide unique. Accreditation gives the assurance of quality and ease of credit transfer among educational institutions. The ability to provide learning support with board-certified foreign language teachers, as well as to grant credit through our school, has greatly enhanced the Power-Glide offering to all types of learners. Russians, French, Spanish, Latin, German, Japanese, ESL.
Linguaphone: Free Phone: 0800 567 333 Telephone: + 44 (0)20 8687 6033 Fax: + 44 (0)20 8687 6310 Linguaphone Institute Ltd, Liongate Enterprise Park, 80 Morden Road, MITCHAM CR4 4PH.
Linguaphone: A substantial investment programme over recent years has strengthened Linguaphone's position as the leading global language learning company. Since the creation of the UK website in 1998, Internet marketing has grown to become a significant part of UK operations. Versions for a selection of markets across the world are now accessible via our group homepage at www.linguaphone.com. Linguaphone is leading the way with an array of online services and courses that can be used both stand-alone and in tandem with our offline learning materials. Recent developments in a number of new offline products are for those who like to supplement their e-learning with traditional materials or simply prefer learning via portable audio and book materials. For those wanting to make the most of their free time while travelling (or perhaps stuck in a traffic jam!), for example, our new allTalk range provides an innovative approach to hands-free learning. Linguaphone will continue to seek to provide the learner with a range of complimentary options for online and offline study. During 2000, Linguaphone made two acquisitions of language teaching companies. CD Live is a Millennium award winning service offering a unique and stimulating way of improving your English, French or Spanish via a topical news service: see www.linguaphone.com/dailyservices for more information. The second acquisition was English Express - the leading English teaching programme on CD-Rom - currently used by an impressive selection of companies, governments and individuals across Europe and beyond. Following a major period of restructuring in 2001 and 2002, Linguaphone formed a partnership with the company behind an exciting new concept in language learning: see www.englishoutthere.co.uk for details.
Linguaphone: Linguaphone enters its next one hundred years well-positioned to enhance its enviable reputation for providing high quality language-learning solutions via the web, in schools, at home and at work. Fuelled by its own subsidiary companies, as well as a selection of distributors, Linguaphone is set for a period of continued growth in the growing global market for language learning
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