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NeuroDimension, Inc. 1800 N. Main Street, Suite D4 Gainesville, FL 32609
TradingSolutions helps you to search for trading opportunities - trades that make money in just a few days or a few weeks. Trades that are proven to work in both up and down markets. It can detect trends that can't be seen in charts. The neural networks and technical analysis tools in TradingSolutions go far beyond the subjective analysis of charts by giving you concrete systems that you can trade without guesswork. Given solid rules for trading, you can see exactly how a system would have performed in the past to take the impulsiveness out of your trading. It allows you to use both neural network and traditional technical analysis. Use the best of both worlds - TradingSolutions built-in formulas and systems allow you use to traditional ideas, while advanced neural networks help you to detect patterns in both the prices and indicators. Plus, you can even write your own formulas and systems based on insights from either! It uses advanced neural network technology from a world leader in neural networks. TradingSolutions is made powerful using the technology of NeuroDimension, an established company and world leader in the field of neural networks. Key to this are the powerful dynamic networks that specialize in detecting patterns in time-based information, perfect for stock market prediction
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Dow Theory: 7412 Calumet Ave. | Hammond, IN 46324 | 219.852.3200
Dow Theory: Horizon Publishing is the parent company that publishes Dow Theory Forecasts, DRIP Investor, and Upside
Dow Theory: In an age when Wall Street analysts face inherent conflicts and "sell" is regarded as a dirty word, an objective voice can be especially valuable. Dow Theory Forecasts is not a brokerage and collects no commissions on any buying or selling done by the newsletters’ subscribers. Nor does it receive any fees from companies that are recommended. Try the proven, unbiased advice of Dow Theory Forecasts during a FREE 30-day trial subscription. You will receive electronic delivery of the weekly newsletter, plus complete access to Forecasts’ powerful investing tools and services available exclusively to subscribers – FREE for 30 days!