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Constant Contact is a software solution that enables small businesses to grow their business from their customers and prospects (permission based list) with targeted, professional looking email communications. It is a web based solution, designed specifically for small businesses and is easy to use, affordable and takes no technical expertise.
Email List Builder: import in-house lists, add a customizable visitor signup to your web site Newsletter and Promotion builder: use professional looking templates to create HTML newsletters, announcements and promotions in minutes Campaign Manager: automatically manages your email list (subscribe/unsubscribe), formats and delivers your email in the right format (HTML, AOL and Text) and tracks and reports your results. Constant Contact is accessible through the web browser, so there is no need for users to purchase any software and it is also very user friendly. In no time your customers will be managing their opt-in e-mailings and thanking you for it!
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Topica is the leading independent provider of turn-key solutions for email newsletter publishers, from multinational media companies to individuals publishing news about a hobby or interest. Topica's flagship service, Topica Exchange, is a free email publishing service serving more than 70,000 individual publishers and delivering 100,000 newsletters on topics as diverse as Java development news, bargain shopping scoops, and pointers for working parents. Topica's premium newsletter service, Topica Email Publisher, offers a comprehensive publishing, ad serving, and delivery system for professional publishers. Our easy-to-use tools provide the power and control to deliver newsletters quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. Over 12 million people subscribe to Topica-hosted newsletters and can manage their subscriptions through a free My Topica page. Topica's site makes it easy for readers to control their subscription options (subscribe, unsubscribe, vacation hold), find great email content with a directory of tens of thousands of newsletters, and even start newsletters of their own!
Topica Email Publisher now makes it easy for a business of any size to build and manage effective email campaigns. Use your existing customer database, or take advantage of our customer acquisition services. Get the same easy-to-use interface, fast delivery, and hands-on control that have made Topica Email Publisher the solution of choice for an increasing number of Fortune 1000 companies. Topica quality and expertise packaged and priced just right for your business.
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