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EInvite: 1.888.346.8483
EInvite: Fine paper. Superb craftsmanship. Designs with artistic integrity. And CheckMate™ Technology. eInvite.com is an online dealer of fine custom stationery, invitations, announcements and holiday cards. Our value lies within our years of experience in the stationery business, the quality of our product and the personalization technology we offer. CheckMate™ Technology With CheckMate Technology, you not only select your design and personalize it with your chosen ink color, lettering style and size, but you also see exactly what it will look like before you order. And when we say exact – we mean exact! Once you make your design, ink and lettering choices, your information is transmitted to the typesetting system and is returned to you within 25 seconds with an actual copy “preview” of your custom selection. If you’d like to try another color, move the text around or increase the spacing between the lines, go right ahead. And another preview will be returned to reflect your changes. eInvite chose to lease CheckMate™ Technology to give you the absolute best the industry has to offer. Design Work eInvite selects from only the top brands on the market to offer a complete selection of high quality items with varying designs and price levels. An in-house team of established artists carefully selects exclusive new designs that you won’t see everywhere else. And they select these designs according to the following five standards: Quality of materials Printer craftsmanship Integrity of the design Accuracy and speed Overall value
EInvite: Wedding Baby Bar and Bat Mitzvah New! Whimsical Classic Floral Classic Contemporary Print-at-home Print-at-home Watercolor, party, stationary, fine paper, etc.
Telegrams-Worldwide: UK
Telegrams-Worldwide.com is connected to the old fashioned Telegraph System Network. Telegrams-Worldwide.com gives you the opportunity to send a message quickly to someone else almost anywhere in the world. In most cases your Telegram will be delivered by courier the same day. However, there are some countries that no longer operate a same-day delivery service, in these cases your Telegram will be delivered the next day via the normal mail delivery. . If you click on the Countries button, the list of countries will appear. The countries in RED have no telegram acceptance or delivery service. We can, however, dispatch your Telegram via Special Swift Air from our base in the United Kingdom, it will take from 2 to 3 working days to deliver. Now you also have the opportunity to send flowers or chocolate with your telegram as a special treat for birthdays and weddings. A Telegram with Flowers will always be delivered the SAME DAY*. * unless otherwise requested. A Telegram with Chocolates will always be delivered the NEXT DAY. A Telegram does make an impact and is something very special to receive on Birthdays, Marriages or Funerals.
Telegrams-Worldwide: There is a 100% surcharge for deliveries required to be made on a Saturday !!!! There is NO delivery on Sundays, National Holidays or Bank Holidays !!! Telegrams to hotel guests are always at the sender's risk.
Colorful Images: 2910 Colorful Avenue Longmont CO 80504-6214
Colorful Images: Since 1989, Colorful Images ® has been dedicated to providing customers with a unique and diverse line of personalized name and address labels, personalized stationery products, and distinctive merchandise at great prices. Maintaining our reputation for "the world's largest selection of personalized paper products" is always a priority. At Colorful Images ®, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a first-rate shopping experience. We consistently strive to blend creative merchandising and cutting-edge technology in order to build millions of strong customer relationships. As part of Concepts Direct Inc., a publicly-traded direct marketing company, we are able to effectively combine our expertise in marketing, merchandising and technology to be leaders in database marketing and Internet retailing. BizRate member
Colorful Images: Checks, Stationery & Cards Calling Cards Checks Christmas Cards Greeting Cards Note Cubes Note Pads Post Cards Gift & Home Decor Home Office Name & Address Labels Choose from over 1000 designs! Other Great Labels Bookplate Labels Canning Labels Goodie Labels Identification Labels Package Labels Seal Labels To/From Gift Labels T-Shirts Outlet Center
Non-Rotating Wedding Banner (Purple/Pink)