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Zoobooks CA good zoobook
Memolink CO good marketing
GameFly ? ok fly
AcesHigh TX good aces
AreUGame CA good puzzle
USAopoly CA good chess
LuckySurf ? ok sweepstake
Pokemon ? ok pokemon
Codemaster NY good code
Funcom NC good anarchy
Freegoodies ? ok freebies
RealNetworks WA good audio
Wildlife Education, Ltd. 12233 Thatcher Court Poway, CA 92064-6880 Phone (858) 513-7600 Fax (858) 513-7660
Zoobooks: You're in for a treat: Meet Zoobooks, the 59-book animal series — the "everything you wanted to know but didn't know who to ask" guide to the world's most fascinating creatures. Chock full of striking photography, insightful writing, and colorful illustrations, Zoobooks is ideal for the knowledge-hungry 4-11 year old. And it's ideal for you, too. How can we be so sure about that? Because Zoobooks is available in hardcover or softcover, English or Spanish, individually, in themed sets, or as a monthly magazine subscription. Zoobooks is a proud winner of a 2001, a 2002, and a 2003 Parents' Choice Gold Award, and winner of a 2003 Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Gold Award!
Zoobooks: for kids, parents, educators, etc.
Memolink, Inc. 7596 W. Jewell Ave. Suite 104 Lakewood, CO 80232 Phone - (303) 985-2700 Fax - (303) 985-0328
Memolink, Inc. is an online direct marketer featuring a points-based loyalty program with close to 3 million members. We aggregate advertisers who wish to reach consumers online and feature their promotions on our Web site. Members come to our Web site to take advantage of the advertisers' offers and earn FREE stuff by completing offers and playing games. Memolink members can earn FREE gift certificates from companies like J Crew, amazon.com, Blockbuster, Pizza Hut and many more. Specific demographic groups including high-school students, college students, 25-35 and 35+ can be targeted utilizing both Web site promotions and through direct e-mail campaigns. As of August 2002, memolink.com has over 2,500,000 registered members. In addition, Memolink.com has consistently been ranked in the top 250 busiest Web sites on the Internet. The site was launched in September 1999. Memolink was originally founded as an offline direct marketer in 1995 and has worked with companies including Kellogg's, Procter & Gamble, American Express, Sprint, The New York Times, Discover Card, and Pizza Hut.
MemoLink: The benefits to members are two-fold. Most importantly, Memolink members can earn FREE stuff FAST!! Members earn points for completing certain actions online including visiting Web sites, completing surveys, playing games and making online purchases. Points are then redeemable for gift certificates from companies such as J. Crew, amazon.com, Blockbuster and Pizza Hut. In addition, our large membership base provides us with strong negotiating power, so our members receive exceptional offers and special deals from our advertising partners.
GameFly: ?
At GameFly, we're on a mission: to put video games where they belong, in the hands of the gamers who love 'em. Our founders wanted to play all the hottest games. But they couldn’t find a good way to get the ones they wanted. The video stores never had the good titles in stock, and their friends just couldn’t lend them enough to keep them satisfied. With GameFly, you get the games you really want, and you can play them as long as you like. We have all the top games for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox and Game Boy Advance-and unlike the other guys, we have the hottest titles in stock, every day. For one flat monthly fee, GameFly lets you rent as many games as you want, with no due dates, late fees, or shipping charges. And if you like a game so much that you don’t want to send it back to us, you can Keep It for our low Pre-Played game price. See a game you really want, just Buy It at our Pre-Played game price and we’ll ship the game in pristine condition.
GameFly: Playstation, GameCube, GameBoy, XBox, 1000s of games, etc...
HiTech Creations, Inc. 210 Park Blvd. Suite 100 Grapevine, TX 76051 817-251-1540 (M-F, 9:00 AM-6:00 PM CST) 817-251-6731 fax
Aces High: To get started playing Aces High, download AH1114.EXE (35 MB). The file is rather large because it is the complete flight simulator including over 70 planes, vehicles and boats. Aces High is best played with a joystick, but it can be played with a mouse. We do our best to be unintrusive to your system. The install will only put files into the Aces High folder and will not install any system files or software that adversely affects your computer. An uninstall option is also added to your Start->Programs->Aces High menu.
Aces High: After you have downloaded and installed Aces High, run it from the Start menu. You'll be prompted for a video mode, after which you will choose Online from the clipboard and then be prompted for a Login ID and password. At this screen, click Create Account. Here you will be asked for name, address, phone number and email information. We only use this information for our own purposes and we will not sell or share any of your personal information. On rare occasions, (twice in the last three years), we have sent email to everyone who has created an Aces High account. You will not be spammed by us on a regular basis. If you are still playing at the end of your two week trial, upon entering an arena you will be prompted for a credit card number. If you choose to subscribe, your credit card will immediately be billed $14.95 USD. If you choose not to subscribe, 8 player head-to-head play is always free. You will continue to be billed each month following until you delete your account, which may be done through our secure admin page, through the game, or by calling or emailing HiTech Creations.
AreUGame: AreYouGame.com 2030 Harrison St. San Francisco, CA 94110
AreUGame: If you're nuts about games and puzzles, you'll be nuts about us! How can we be sure? It's simple: no one can come close to our selection and service. As The Largest Game & Puzzle Store On the Planet, we at AreYouGame.com are proud to provide a jaw-dropping selection. We carry the most popular games & puzzles—the kind everyone likes to play. We also carry some of the most difficult to find games & puzzles—the kind only a chosen few like to play. Why do we have such a large variety of games and puzzles when others only supply a few of the most popular ones? Because games and puzzles are our passion—and our sole focus. And we back this selection up with award-winning service. In fact, we think our service is far superior to most brick and mortar retail stores you'd find in your local mall. If you ever have a question or problem, we want to help. Our History Founded in 1998 by a cracker-jack team, the AreYouGamers boasts a combined 100 years of experience in the games and puzzles biz. This is our secret formula for our incredible selection and outstanding service.
AreUGame: games, puzzles, fun stuff, holiday ideas, etc...
USAoPoly: USAOPOLY, Inc. 565 Westlake Street Encinitas, CA 92024 tel: 760-634-5910 fax: 760-634-0450
USAOPOLY creates, manufactures and markets "America's favorite board games with a... twist!" For almost 10 years, USAOPOLY has turned popular themes into fun, collectible board games. From the MONOPOLY® game, to CLUE® and YAHTZEE® games, PICTIONARY®, CHESS, BACKGAMMON and TRIVIA, "America's favorite board games with a... twist!" are hits with millions of families, kids and collectors. USAOPOLY brings great ideas and games to life by partnering with world-renowned companies and brands such as Hasbro, NASCAR, The COCA-COLA Company, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Twentieth Century Fox, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., Marvel, MLB, NHL, Collegiate Licensing Company and the National Park Foundation, to name a few. With imaginative playing pieces and familiar game play, USAOPOLY creates entertaining and award-winning board games like no other.
USAOPOLY is proud to introduce many new and exciting board games in 2003, including the following: Elvis® Trivia Game The Lord of the Rings™ Checkers MONOPOLY®: THE DOG Artlist Collection MONOPOLY®: Looney Tunes™ Collector's Edition MONOPOLY®: Muppets™ Collector's Edition MONOPOLY®: Mustang 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition MONOPOLY®: NFL Collector's Edition NASCAR® Checkers PEANUTS® Chess The Simpsons™ Group Photo™ The Top 10® Game
LuckySurf: ?
LuckySurf: ?
LuckySurf: sweepstakes, games, etc.
PokeOrder: ?
PokeOrder: Return Policy. PokeOrders can be returned within 10 days of receiving. All Returns must be in like new condition and still in original factory package. Due to the random content inside of packs and decks, they cannot be returned once they are opened. Customers are responsible for return shipping and all returns will be credited on receipt once approved. Return Procedure. Any returns should be sent back to the address on the return label. Once we receive your return, a refund will be applied back to the credit card used for the purchase. When returning merchandise, be sure to include a note with your order number and the details of the return.
PokeOrder: pokemon, Pokemon EX Collector's Tin EX Dragon EX SandStorm EX Ruby & Sapphire E Skyridge HARRY POTTER TOP ITEMS Harry Potter Single Cards Harry Potter Booster Packs Harry Potter Decks Harry Potter Cards Super Grab Bag Harry Potter Grab Bag MAGIC: The Gathering TOP ITEMS Magic Packs Magic Decks Planeshift Singles Invasion Singles Apocalypse Singles DRAGONBALL Z TOP ITEMS Dragonball Z Fusion Saga Booster Pack Dragonball Z Buu Saga Hero Starter Deck Dragonball Z Buu Saga Villian Deck Dragonball Z Buu Saga Booster Pack Dragonball Z Babidi Saga Booster Pack
CodeMasters: Carnegie Hall Tower 21st Floor 152 west 57th street New York NY 10019 Tel: + 001 212 582 3522 Fax: + 001 212 582 8602
CodeMasters: Codemasters: developer and publisher of world-class video games. On PlayStation®2, Xbox™, PC and Nintendo, we are dedicated to bringing games of excellence to players across the globe. For more than 16 years, our mission has been to deliver excellent, innovative games based on popular themes and that’s become our reputation.
CodeMasters: Action / FPS Games Back Catalogue Motor Sports Games Music Games Role Playing Games Sports Games Strategy Games
3000FreeGoodies: ?
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RealNetworks, Inc. PO Box 91123 Seattle, WA 98111-9223 U.S.A. Tel: 206-674-2700
RealNetworks provides the universal platform for the delivery of any digital media from any point of origin across virtually any network to any person on any Internet-enabled device anywhere in the world. Who We Are In 1995, RealNetworks pioneered the entire Internet media industry, and continues to fuel its exponential growth. Because the Internet was built to handle text-based information, not audio and video and other rich media, RealNetworks foresaw the need for specific solutions that could handle the creation, delivery and consumption of media via the Internet. That led RealNetworks to invent and release the RealPlayer and RealAudio in 1995. Today, hundreds of millions of RealNetworks Players have been downloaded throughout the world take advantage of RealNetworks world-class media creation, delivery and playback technology.
RealNetworks: RealOne. RealNetworks develops end-to-end solutions that allow everyone — from Fortune 500 companies with locations worldwide to individuals at their desktops or other Internet-enabled devices — to create, send and receive audio, video and other multimedia services over the Internet.

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Real Networks