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EssayEdge: CyberEdit c/o Peterson's 2000 Lenox Drive Third Floor Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
EssayEdge is a proud member of the CyberEdit Network, the Net's complete document solution. Founded in 1997 by Geoff Cook for the Harvard Student Agency Entrepreneurial Contest, EssayEdge.com is a supersource for admissions essay prep and a one-stop shop for applicants seeking to make their essays excellent! With millions of users and tens of thousands of customers, EssayEdge is the world's largest application essay editing company. Leveraging its exclusive Harvard-educated editors, all of whom have undergone an extensive selection process, EssayEdge is committed to customer satisfaction. The site has a staff of over 250 highly-skilled editors, technicians, executives, and company service representatives. With effective written communication essential to business development, career advancement, and educational success, CyberEdit has grown into an international company with clients in over 100 different nations and staff located in the United States, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy, Brazil, and China. We are the leading document company in the world with partners ranging from AOL to Lycos to The Wall Street Journal. We adhere to the highest standards of editorial excellence. Our team is respected for their knowledge, ethics, and responsiveness
EssayEdge: This year, five hundred thousand college applicants will write five hundred thousand different answers to questions like these. Half will be rejected by their first choice school, while only a select eleven percent will gain admission to the nation's top colleges. With acceptance rates at all-time lows, setting yourself apart requires more than just blockbuster SAT scores and impeccable transcripts -- it requires the perfect essay. Whether you are applying to Harvard, UCLA, BU, or one of 650 other top schools, your job is the same. You must distinguish yourself from hundreds or even thousands of applicants with similar grades, activities, and SAT scores. To achieve this, your essay must not only demonstrate your grasp of grammar and ability to write lucid, structured prose, but also paint a vivid picture of your personality and character, one that compels a busy admissions officer to accept you.
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GreekGear: Greekgear.com 6 Commerce Drive Freeburg, IL 62243 Toll Free 1-866-Greekgear 1-618-539-9998
GreekGear: Our mission is to provide the easiest way for Fraternity & Sorority students to buy Greek merchandise on the web. We speicalize in one of a kind items that can be customized to any group with no minimums. We think the Internet ought to be fun and that shopping should be as fast and convenient as shopping for anything else on the Internet. We are making a personal commitment to every customer that Greekgear.com will be the best source for all of their Greek needs.
GreekGear: Express Design Group, Inc. Greek Wear Sorority Gifts Fraternity Gifts Vintage Greek Need it Fast? Alumni & Family Christian Gear Party Favors Screenprinting Campus Goodies Help For Parents Recruitment Ideas Special Offers Clearance Gear Non Greek Greek Auctions Gift Certificates
EFundraising: 205 West Service Road Champlain, NY 12919
eFundraising.com provides non-profit groups with quality products, low prices and excellent service. The number one priority is to serve students, educators, athletes, communities, and other non-profit organizations with a personalized touch that will respond to individual fundraising needs. Established as the Universal Fundraising Group in 1991, eFundraising.com is now a leading figure in the North American fundraising industry. eFundraising was created for the purpose of providing non-profit groups with a large selection of quality fundraising products at competitive prices. Over the last eleven years, eFundraising has helped over 11,000 groups raise more than $70 million, quickly and easily. In order to improve the quality of fundraising programs being offered, while keeping in mind the safety of your children, eFundraising.com has been working together with the AFRDS, the Association of Fundraisers and Direct Sellers, since 1993. In May 2001, eFundraising was acquired by QSP (Quality Service Programs, Inc.), a subsidiary of The Reader's Digest Association (Canada) Ltd. This alliance has allowed eFundraising to join the 2 of the biggest names in fundraising, thus adding over 35 years of traditional know-how and expertise to eFundraising's own innovative fundraising experience.
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ScholarshipExperts 1120 Park Avenue Suite G Orange Park, FL 32073
ScholarshipExperts BBB member. Now, after more than a year of development and refinement, we are pleased to offer Scholarship Experts, the only scholarship search service worth paying for on the Internet. Scholarship Experts delivers accurate, timely search results that have been filtered and customized to match unique user profiles. And because Scholarship Experts charges a small fee for each search run on its site, we will not need additional sources of revenue to maintain our services. We can guarantee that your personal information will not be sold to any third parties just to generate revenue; your privacy is safe with the Scholarship Experts. The superior services offered by Scholarship Experts can be attributed to the talents and dedication of our Data Research Team as well as to the technical expertise with which our site and our database were created. Scholarship Experts believes that the accuracy of the records housed in our award database is the cornerstone upon which our service is built, and so we have created a fail-proof data management and research process. Our team of Data Researchers is made up of intelligent and dedicated research professionals who work daily to maintain accurate award information. This team also works closely with scholarship providers to ensure that students using our site receive only the best information possible-all scholarships in our database have been submitted or verified by the award provider. Also, using a team of experienced computer programmers and financial aid professionals, the Scholarship Experts site and database have been carefully crafted, resulting in sophisticated search tools and data management systems that make Scholarship Experts unequalled in the scholarship search domain. No other search service will deliver faster, more tailored search results than Scholarship Experts!
ScholarshipExperts Scholarship Experts helps both college students and college-bound high school students with time-saving scholarship search tools. For students currently living in the United States, our domestic service offers fast and efficient search technology and accurate, reliable search results without compromising student privacy. The E-Profile. Our service begins with the completion of a nine step E-Profile. After you answer all of the E-Profile questions, our sophisticated search technology goes to work, instantly combing through all of the awards in the Scholarship Experts Award Database. A complete list of awards with eligibility criteria that matches the answers listed in the E-Profile is then generated. The Search Results. Once a Silver or Gold Membership has been paid for through our easy-to-use and secure E-Payment page, your search results are categorized for easy access and are instantly listed on the Search Results page of our site. You will have unlimited access to these search results any time you revisit the Scholarship Experts website for a FULL YEAR after you become a member. The Award Data. Each award found in the search results list has been researched and entered or updated by an expert data research analyst within the past academic year. The scholarships are listed with detailed, helpful information such as: requirements, application deadline dates, award amounts, number of awards given annually, award providers and contact information. The Application Request Tool. After reviewing the detailed information for each award, simply decide which scholarships you would like to obtain application information for. You'll save even more time by using our Application Request Tool, a unique service available for both Silver and Gold Members. When you choose one of the domestic services offered below, you can be confident that Scholarship Experts will save you time and will provide you with up-to-date, detailed leads for obtaining scholarship funding. Read on to decide which service would be best for you!
FinancialAid 402 West Broadway, Suite 770 San Diego, CA 92101
FinancialAid: BBB member. More than 3,000 college graduates consolidate their student loans with FinancialAid.com each month making student loan consolidation the most requested financial service on the site. Not surprising, when you consider that today's college graduate carries an average of nearly $29,000 in student loans. With interest rates at historic lows, many grads can save hundreds of dollars each month by consolidating their loans. In a tight job market, the increased cash flow that student loan consolidation provides allows these recent grads more flexibility with living expenses, the ability to pay off high-interest credit cards and/or the option to save money for the future. FinancialAid.com recently expanded its services to include PLUS and Stafford loans. This year, nearly six million undergraduate students will require approximately $90 billion in financial aid assistance to meet the skyrocketing costs of attending college. With shrinking school scholarship and financial aid budgets, the bulk of this aid -- 54 percent -- will be in the form of student loans. FinancialAid.com now offers PLUS and Stafford loans to help parents and student deal with these rising education costs.
Let the experts at FinancialAid.com review your college financing options, including new, more flexible loans that cover up to 100% of your child's college costs. Learn more College Students Stay on the right financial track with FinancialAid.com. Our loan counselors can advise you on the best loans to help you continue your studies. Learn more College Graduates With today's low interest rates, consolidating your student loans with FinancialAid.com could you save hundreds of dollars each month. Learn more
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