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Keen: ? We want every call you make on Keen to be a satisfactory experience. If it isn't, we'll credit your Member account for the amount of the call, up to a limit of $25.
Keen, Your Personal Advisor, is where you get live, immediate advice for your everyday life. Need advice? Information? Or simply someone friendly to talk to? Keen helps you find the right person and then connects you privately over the phone for a per-minute rate.
Keen: When you register, we credit your account with $5 to use with any advisor in any topic. You can use the free $5 for a minimum of 3 minutes of phone time during your first call. Can I place calls before I register? Sorry, no. You can only talk to advisors on Keen once you've registered. The good news is that the sign-up process is quick, easy and free!
Astrology: part of www.iVillage.com
Astrology: part of www.iVillage.com
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Life Answers P.O. Box 802536 Dallas, TX 75380-2536
Life Answers: I started Life Answers over a decade ago as a way to help as many people as possible with their lives using the power and accuracy of Numerology. Many years of research have gone into devising a method of being able to communicate this knowledge to you so you can use it to benefit your own life. Numerology is a complex, ordered system that describes who we are, how we think and when life events occur based on the pattern of special numbers. I've been totally astounded at the accuracy of this ancient science. I can honestly state that I've never found any person I've studied to be different from what the numerical vibrations predict! Well, I take that back. There was ONE time when a lady was really quite different than what her number portrayed. When I told her that she was the first person I had found to create doubts about this science, she confessed that she hadn't been named at her birth. Believe it or not, her birth certificate really reads "NOT NAMED"! You guessed it -- after analyzing the name Not Named, her number and her personality fit together like a hand in a glove!
Life Answers: numerology, horoscopes, gifts, career, romance, finance, free reports, etc.
AstroCenter.com 126 South Park San Francisco, CA 94107-1809
AstroCenter: Astrocenter was born out of a unique and original dream: to provide fully personalized daily horoscopes on the Internet. Millions of people around the world consult their horoscope on a daily basis. But most daily astrological predictions that are offered do not take into account personalized individual information. For this reason these horoscopes are usually quite general and can apply to many people. Astrocenter users instead get more accurate and individualized information based on the personal information they provide us. Astrocenter currently has over 3 million unique monthly visitors, and over 25 million monthly page views. We have over 2 million subscribers to our daily and weekly horoscope emails. You are not alone when using Astrocenter.com – we are the recognized leaders at what we love to do. The astrologers of Astrocenter have put together a sophistiticated personalization system that relates the birth information of users, such as yourself, to the daily movements of the planets. We provide these daily horoscopes at no cost to you. Astrocenter also offers a wide variety of in-depth reports and forecasts that start as low as $4.95. We cover the gamut from Romance to Career, to Natal Charts, a Weekly Forecast, as well as our famed Monthly, Seasonal, and Yearly Forecasts. New reports are prepared for your enjoyment all the time. In fact, we often have several every month, so keep coming back. At Astrocenter you’re going to love what you learn about your life.
AstroCenter: astrology, tarot, numerology, consultations, emails, etc.
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