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Time. Let me talk about Lenin
Cuz I'm sick and tired afterall,
Cus I'm frustrated with the boss,
How could he fire me, just for fun,
Lets remember my assignment at Schocal,
How I did an outstanding job,
It is me who organized all files,
It is me who made no errors as a temp,
I worked hard and was on time always,
Yet you treated me like i'm just a jerk,
I did good for you, your client was very happy.
So, where are my rewards for what i've done?
How could u be silent, u should help me,
Well, let's me remember smth.
Let me say to judge few words and move away.
Speak the trueth and we'll see what happen there
Now u are silent but i do remember
"Where are u from questions", stuff like that
It's illegal question, didn't u know
I am Jew from Minsk, i am just a person
I bookkeper, not translator of russian poems,
Here is one discriminatory question,
Let's move on and check religion there
I admit i wear yarmolka on Purim.
I am no longer hiding who am i
What is your response? You call me names.
Paged few hundred times in one day.
You disturbed my work on that damn Friday.
You did shout and insult me like a pig
It is your turn to answer my questions now.
I already filed cases, summons, papers,
In the Federal District Court, in the downtown
And in Small Claims Court in Rolling Meadows suburb
You will pay for lawyers to defend.
I checked out lawyers and they told me
I will have no chances to survive.
The employment law works good for bosses
Employment is at will, it's not a right
I have zero chances, that's for sure
That's the end for now and goodbye.